Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy

At g2 everyone is welcome. As an inclusive employer and workplace, our teams are encouraged to be comfortable, bringing their authentic whole selves to work. To be their best self.

We believe that diversity is an important contributor to every business. Diversity in our teams contributes to innovations and creativity, and increases our ability to cope with change. We are committed to actively maintaining an inclusive workplace where respect for one another is the highest priority. g2 adopts a zero-tolerance stance towards any kind of discrimination with our employees and customers alike.

g2 shows commitment to DE&I by:

  • Welcomes individuals from a variety of different backgrounds in all sections of society
  • An inclusive workplace is one where differences are appreciated and respected,
  • Ideas and perspectives are expressed and listened to
  • Employees find a sense of belonging, feel valued and have equal opportunities to grow
  • Fair treatment from recruitment, promotion, training, conditions of work, pay and benefits and to every other aspect of employment, including the processes of termination of employment
  • Applicants, employees, clients and suppliers are treated fairly and equally, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy, race, religion/belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • Under no circumstances will bullying, harassment, victimisation or unlawful discrimination be tolerated

Our Commitments are detailed and encouraged in our values and behaviours laid out in our employee handbook. Each employee has access to the full DE&I Policy.