Environmental & Sustainability Policy

g2 is a creative customer experience marketing agency that enhances the customer journey and sales in retail, online and B2B channels.

g2 is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment by:

  • Minimising waste and actively promoting a reduce/reuse/recycle culture at all levels of the business, inclusive of office, field teams and brand partners.

  • Committing to minimising toxic emissions as far as possible through our choice of fleet, effective journey planning and power requirements.

  • Encouraging all staff to consider the environmental impact in all aspects of the work carried out with/for our Company and brand partners, in particular when sourcing, creating and distributing marketing materials and equipment.

  • Educating all staff on best practice in relation to environmental and sustainability and encouraging continual improvements of procedures as environmental concerns evolve.

  • We will always endeavour to meet environmental legislation that relates to our Company.

  • Reviewing this document on an annual basis (or sooner as required), keeping abreast of the changing requirements and new challenges/opportunities affecting the environment.

Signed on behalf of g2:


Claire Furnell