2 Dec 2015

Our latest retail study

In their latest retail study, field marketing experts g2 have found that 74 per cent of shoppers prefer to shop in store because they can see, touch, experience and try on products before buying.

Investigating what drives consumer purchases in-store and online, the study also found that 25 per cent of shoppers head to the high street to purchase luxury items simply because they enjoy the experience of shopping in-store.

It’s clear that for many consumers shopping on the high street is now a leisure activity that they are excited for, rather than a chore. For example, 24 per cent of shoppers are encouraged to spend longer around the shops if they are close to leisure activities such as coffee shops, restaurants and cinemas. With shoppers inclined to spend longer on the high street to better experience the products they are considering, it is ever more important for brands and retailers to improve the shopper journey, encouraging shoppers to browse and purchase in store.

Rupert Cook, Director at g2, said:

With shopping now an overwhelmingly omnichannel experience, retailers and brands need to encourage shoppers to head to the high street rather than purchase online. Creating a welcoming, streamlined shopping experience through consistent merchandising and helpful discussions with trained brand ambassadors will complete the shopper journey in store, rather than losing purchases to online price checking or poor customer service.

The study also found that over 73 per cent of consumers looking to purchase a luxury clothing or beauty products were likely or very likely to shop in store, as opposed to only 35 per cent who would consider purchasing the same products online.

Before making a considered purchase, shoppers want to experience the product to ensure it’s right for them. Brands and retailers need to meet the expectation of consumers, giving them an opportunity to see and touch the products, and assist them with helpful advice.